BUZZ Wearable

Monitor your blood alcohol content on-the-go and sync the wearable breathalyzer with your smart phone to get real time health notfications!

Easy setup

Be Buzz responsible in minutes by easily downloading the app from Apple iOS or Google Play and use the wearable tonight!


Sync your wearable with the mobile application to track key indicators and get push notifications to your smart-phone #BYO(Device)


Drink beer, wine or mixers and get an accurate measurement of your blood alcohol content in real time #knowyourdrink


Notify your "Friends Circle" in case of an emergency or automatically request an Uber at the end of the night

Stay buzzed...

We're bring back the buzz! Don't get drunk and make a mistake. You can keep your buzz with real time monitoring of your blood alcohol content. So, go ahead, enjoy your night and #knowyourdrink.

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Your own personal SoberMonitor


Off to college for the first time, Susie and her parents are as excited but worried. The largest concern is her wild side: she doesn't know her limits.

BUZZ is a fun and chic accessory that Susie will enjoy wearing. BUZZ functions without Susie having to think about it. It’ll make itself heard when it’s time to speak up and keep Susie from getting behind the wheel when she shouldn't!


Brian enjoys college. A little bit too much. Brian's parents just recieved a letter in the mail informing them that Brian got his first DUI last week. Brian needs some help figuring out when NOT to get behind wheel after a night out. He should consider alternate ways of transit.

Brians parole officer mentions BUZZ and offers Brain a 15% off coupon.


Where can you find Buzz?


We're excited about getting Buzz into the hands of college students. Here at Buzz Wearable, we had the chance to sit down and Skype with @NateCarpenter35, senior team captain of the Ohio University NCAA football team, to talk about keeping college students safe! Nate is excited to trial the product when we launch in early 2016. Connect with us on Twitter @BWearable!


There is a untapped potential for Buzz in the foodservice sector! For bars and restaurants alike, let Buzz offer you a sense of security! As an owner or operator of a foodservice establishment, you can use Buzz to monitor your patrons (or employees) BAC in real time. We had the chance to speak with local entrepreneurs @GoodEatsMeats here in Boulder, CO!


How about Buzz in the corporate world? We are first going to explore partnerships with major trade associations in the US associated with the domestic and imported beer market. We're going to #changethegame so that consumers can #knowyourdrink. The sky is the limit! We are exploring a partnership with Alcoholics Anonymous and others?


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We're in full development! We already have a functional prototype from #SWBoudler.
And if you got talent and might be interested in joining a start-up, we'd love to hear from you!

About Us

So, who are we? That is a great question! We all first met at Start-Up weekend Boulder! #SWBoulder #GSB2015

On that fateful day of November 14th, 2015 we completed quite a few things: user testing online, conducted primary market research downtown on Pearl Street, 3D modeled our first prototype @BoomtownBoulder, built a landing page for our company and started developing the BUZZ mobile application.


full-stack Javascript


Computer-aided design


We're not picky!


We can accomplish anything